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Strategic Plan

Our vision is a Sutherland Shire in which community, business and government work in partnership to bring about a sustainable natural environment and a sustainable productive, healthy urban society.

To achieve this, the Centre works to:
  • Increase community awareness of the environmental standards needed to underpin a sustainable Shire

  • Encourage increased understanding of the link between environmental health and community health

  • Campaign against activities that will lead to a decline of the Shire's environmental health

  • Become involved in out-of-region issues that have the potential to affect the Shire's environment.

The Centre will work in the following ways to achieve these aims:
  • Maintain a knowledgeable, reliable and visible presence within the Shire on environmental matters

  • Devise pro-active programs which stress the relevance of the environment for social welfare

  • Develop and maintain resources for use by those who seek environmental information

  • Support councillors, members of Parliament, individuals and groups who act on Centre's goals

  • Partner actively with other organisations and individuals on environmental projects.

Management of the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre

The Environment Centre, directed by a Management Committee, has minimal paid staff and many volunteers who carry out its varied functions and campaigns. Its organisational structure is summarised in this figure:

Management Structure

The Management Committee is set up under the Centre's constitution. Its functions are to:

  1. Review the operations of the Centre, determine how its goals should be achieved, and advise the Executive Officer on ways to implement its strategy.

  2. Oversee the Centre's finances and advise on how to maintain financial security.

  3. Oversee the management of affiliated organisations according to their constitutions.

  4. Appoint the Executive Officer.
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