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Our Environment

The Sutherland Shire is an integrated and dynamic unit with complex geographic, social, commercial, transport and recreational functions. It is highly distinctive within the Sydney Region. Bounded largely by rivers, bays and ocean, the Shire is understood best as a significant whole, rather than a random series of suburbs, for then its overall attractiveness and its many values are seen to increase the worth of every part.

The Sutherland Shire and its region is one of the fastest population growth centres in Australia. Shire residents and visitors have been concerned about overdevelopment for over a decade. They worry that transport congestion is getting worse, air quality is deteriorating, and bushland and waterways continue to be degraded. With the population of Sydney growing, the Shire's environment will continue to be under pressure.

Two Bays

  • Botany Bay, birthplace of our nation.

  • Port Hacking, a waterway under much development pressure.

Four National Parks

  • Royal National Park, oldest national park

  • Botany Bay National Park

  • Georges River National Park

  • Heathcote National Park

The SSEC provides online information for:

Issues and Campaigns - Information on the issues and campaigns that the SSEC and community are involved.

Our Bioregion - Resources detailing information on the bioregions in the shire, including Hacking River Catchment, Kurnell Peninsula, and Towra Point.